Sunday, February 16, 2014


Salted toffee chocolate cookies

OH LOOK FIRST POST IN FOREVER. Can't stop to chat though because now that I'm an actual professional baker* sometimes I get to start work at stupid o'clock (not that today is one of those days--6:30 is totally a late start compared to 4:00 a.m.!) Anyways, before I head off to go roll my daily allotment of croissants**, here is something I baked at home. Mmm, melty chocolate and toffee pockets in delicious chewy cookie...

And guess what! For all you people who have read food blogs and thought 'Damnit, I wish I could eat that'--YOU CAN. This cookie (and its brethren) will be available for sale today at the Baker's Market. Stop by and say hi to my partners at the Petit Four Pastries table and check out all of our goodies. Samples will be available and admission and parking are free!

*Some day I may get around to filling in the gaps, but the short version of the last yearish of my life--I went to culinary school! I moved to Canada! My compliance days are behind me, and now I'm paid to bake! You might guess that this is infinitely more soul satisfying than working at a bank. You would be right.

**My coworkers at the bakery and I figured out the other day that I've made somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 croissants already. You'd think by now they would be consistently shaped, but no, I still get the odd mutant....