Tuesday, June 16, 2015



The first year I lived in Vancouver, my friend and I went blueberry picking (my first time ever) and I went a little nuts and came home with something like 40 pounds of blueberries. Which I proceeded to eat all of, over the course of a week. I almost od'ed on blueberries, so you would think I'd have learned my lesson. Last week, same friend and I went strawberry picking (my first time ever!) and....you guessed it. I came home with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many strawberries. I've been eating a giant bowl of strawberries for breakfast all week, which is barely making a dent in my bounty. I hate to say it, but I'm starting to get tired of eating strawberries (I KNOW I'm going to regret saying this when the season is over and we're back to crappy imported fruit.)

Early morning #baking. Homemade puff pastry strawberry tarts for #breakfast. Now off to work for more baking wheeeee

Fortunately strawberries lend themselves to being cooked. I had some leftover puff pastry in the freezer (one of the perks of being a baker!) so I threw together these strawberry puff tarts. (Actually--they were meant to be turnovers, but I was um, having some shaping problems, so tarts to the rescue.) That used up oh...only a cup or so. Damnit.

I just made strawberry sorbet base, which is chilling in the fridge as I type, getting ready to be churned. That took care of a pound and a half...only another 5 pounds or so to go...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Good morning

#strawberry mousse #tart.

Hello there. I've decided to try to resurrect my blog from the dead, now that I have a tiny bit more free time. So to that end, it's strawberry season here in beautiful British Columbia, and I went a bit crazy last week and bought a full flat.* Which I then carried 1.9 km home in my arms, while fending off marauding crows and seagulls. Worth it, though! After wallowing around in piles of strawberries, I decided to make a tart. There she be, in all her moussey, jammy glory.

Okay well, time to go layer a cake! If there's enough light when it's done, I'll document it on film--this one's a chocolate toffee crunch cake. Mmmm, toffee. And then to work. So let's see if I remember to come back and post some more. I actually have lots to say, mostly things about how my life's changed since I gave up the glamorous life of a compliance officer for the glamorous life of a baker...

*Don't worry Mr. Strawberry man, I will bring the flat back next week. Promise.