Friday, May 25, 2012

Like a flash...


That's how fast this post is going to be.  Where have I been?  Well, work mostly.  That, and recovering from bronchitis.  THAT'S RIGHT!  Who gets freaking bronchitis in May?  Well apparently a lot of people--the waiting room at the doctor's office was full of people with similarly impressive coughs.  We could have formed a musical super-group.  In fact, I think we inadvertently did a couple of verses from the Carmina Burana (and just think, all this is before I got the codeine cough syrup).

But anyhow, I am chilling at home right now, having just performed my fastest packing job ever.  I'm off in a bit to beautiful sunny Vancouver (true story!  They have better weather for a change, than we do here in NYC right now.)  We will be celebrating Py's birthday, and belatedly celebrating mine.  Yes, it's true...I am another year older.  Not really another year more mature though...

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Not a whole lot of difference between the before and after, except maybe the size of my head and the cake.

Sort of ombre

Well, on that note, allow me to leave you with a parting shot of the inside of my tiny cake.  Oh yeah, that's a whole lotta pink.  Yay for pink!  I can't wait to get to Vancouver, spot prawn season is (I think) still going...mmm....prawny goodness for me sooooon....

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  Don't forget to go to the 5 Boro Picnyc (Saturday is sold out but Sunday still has tickets available) and report back on how it was! (Oh, one more thing! My new favorite blog! Go check out Boots in the Oven--I have been reading back through the archives, and it is SO MUCH FUN TO READ. And is giving me all kinds of travel ideas...)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Upcoming Event: 5 Boro Picnyc

Upset that you didn't get tickets to GoogaMooga either?  Don't be!  Because next week is the 5 Boro Picnyc (cute, huh), and you, yes YOU, wonderful blog readers, can get a discount on tickets, thanks to Jarlsberg Cheese, one of the sponsors!  Just enter the code "JCheese" for a discount on the general admission tickets; but act fast, because there are only a limited number of those available. 

I should also point out though, that at $25, the tickets are totally reasonable!  And who doesn't like taking the ferry to Governor's Island?  Plus, there's a grilled cheese cookoff, and if the grilled cheese sandwiches we got to sample at the press preview are any indication, then it's going to be one heck of a cookoff.  Oh, and beer.  Mmm, beer.  And lots of tasty food to sample.  Mmm, food.  And by the way, you'll also be giving back--a portion of ticket sales will benefit this year’s community/charitable partners: Slow Food NYC, Earth Matter, Kingsborough Community College’s Culinary Program and Teen Battle Chef.

Anyway, go check out their website, go buy a ticket, and go have a great time!  And thank you to Jarlsberg and Jimmy's No. 43 for hosting us :D

The details!

Governor's Island
May 26th and 27th from 11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Don't forget to enter "Jcheese" for your discount!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last Saturday...


Last Saturday morning, I woke up at 6 a.m. with the specter of eyeless bunnies passing before my eyes.  How terrifying!!

The bunny army is coming for you

An hour later, all bunnies had been eyed; but I was now feeling like I was being judged, for some weird reason...

Ready to go

Even when they were packed (in pairs, so they wouldn't get lonely), I could feel them staring!!


So, into boxes they went, and then I went to the Brooklyn Flea where I found a whole bunch of foodbloggers busy putting together a display of some really awesome looking treats!


I mean, seriously, look at this!  Everything looked so professional and beautiful (even if this photo is totally subpar).


Oh hi, bunnies!  I think they all went to good homes (and by homes, I mean tummies); I hope so anyway!  I bought a whole bunch of goodies from the other bakers, but because I stink, I didn't get a good picture of any of my loot because after this I went straight to a friend's birthday party, where all the yummies got inhaled.  (Although I managed to rescue and take the brown sugar pies from Prospect Pies home).

Air Plant

Also!  While I was browsing the Flea (which is great; I used to live two blocks from it, so naturally it only started up after I moved...) I came across the RootsinRust stand and couldn't resist taking this home.  It's a spindle from an old oven (used to control the temperature, according to the nice chap running the stand) and it's now being used as a "planter" for an air plant.  I've been assured that air plants are really hard to kill, so I think this will be perfect; and I just loved the idea that this piece came from an old oven.  It seemed fitting :)

Oh, and the bake sale results?  Over $3400 for Share Our Strength.  I'd say that's a success :) 

There's a roundup of other posts and more information on the bake sale and Share Our Strength here.  Go check it out and donate if you can!  And if you missed it this time, you can sign up for future bake sales and fundraisers.

So what's on tap for this Saturday?  I guess I'll find out shortly!

*This post brought to you by my absolute lack of coffee this morning.  Argh.