Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brazilian Pudding Pocky


I love going to the local Chinese grocery because they have an entire set of shelves devoted to different varieties of Pocky and Pretz. (If I had remembered to bring my camera, I could have shown you the glories of the Shelf, but....I don't have that kind of foresight.)

Anyway! So we were there to pick up more pork belly for the zongzi we were making (more on that in the next post) but of course, I got distracted by the Pocky. And, lo and behold, stuck between the Men's Pocky (bitter!) and the Strawberry Dessert Pocky was a new flavor--Brazilian Pudding.

Judging from the photo on the box, I assume that it was supposed to taste like some sort of caramel pudding or flan. I'll note here that my mother only saw the toucan and assumed it was supposed to taste like...tropical bird.


Pretty! Not as pretty as the dessert or decor lines of Pocky, but check out that swish pattern. The verdict on taste?....well, it tastes kind of coconutty but not really pudding-like. Anyway, pleasant and harmless, although this does not place in my Pantheon of Pocky.


thecoffeesnob said...

Okay i'm officially jealous. I love the strawberry Pocky that's available here in Singapore- there's chocolate and blueberry as well0 but i'm just dying to try the other flavours especially after seeing the zillion flavours Pocky comes in on Wikipedia.

tofugirl said...

I'm surprised that there isn't more variety available in Singapore! The shelf at my local Chinese grocery has all these crazy varieties these days...I still have chestnut and pumpkin (for Halloween!) to try and write about :D.

Singapore..I visited when I was a kid and I *still* remember the chicken rice and pepper crabs. Sniff. Must go back.