Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad blogger!

Cedric the Dino

I know, I have gone MIA again. I've been kind of stressed out with my Real Job. And it's not even like I haven't been doing any baking or cooking (or eating in general, hah), I just haven't been motivated to document any of it. Which is a shame, because we made a really lovely cioppino with more No-Knead Bread for Valentine's Day...and I made a huge batch of scallion pancakes on my day off (a recipe I should definitely share).

Well, hopefully things will calm down soon. In the meantime, here is my newest office companion, Cedric the Dinosaur. He comes from far-away-Canada, enjoys patrolling my desk to keep nosy co-workers out of my drawers, and likes to analyze client statements when I'm not looking. I think he might be planning on swiping all of the TARP funds and starting a new life on Tropical Dino Island.


Doughmesticity said...

please share the scallion pancakes recipe, it would be much appreciated! also, can't believe you made your own pineapple tarts! they look really good!

tofugirl said...

I'll post that recipe as soon as I get better measurements--right now it's one of those "eyeball" recipes :)

The pineapple tarts were really tasty but next year I am going to recruit extra hands to help make them!