Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Why am I lucky? Because I have awesome friends who bring me awesome gifts from LA.....

Macaron formation

Macarons from Paulette! I got an entire dozen (erm, I maaaay have eaten one or two before I took this picture), handcarried all the way back from LA, because I have super amazing friends. The flavors from left to right, starting from the front: caramel, coffee, chocolate, passionfruit, jasmine tea, violet, (ummm cannot identify the pink one), pistachio, and sweet wedding almond. My favorites are caramel and coffee, so far, but I haven't tried them all yet.


How can you resist? They are so lovely and colorful--not to mention DELICIOUS.

jasmine tea macaron

A closeup of the jasmine tea. I wish it tasted a bit more tea-ey, but the texture of these is so good. I would say they are still a tiny, tiny step down Laduree...but only a really tiny step down.

Thanks Todd! I owe you some more choco. :)

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