Friday, September 3, 2010

saying goodbye, saying hello


So, the news I've been sitting on for a month? I'm leaving my job! Today is my very last day, and I find myself with mixed emotions--I'm happy to be moving on, but I'm sad to be leaving some very fine coworkers who have become good friends. How do I tell them that I'm going to miss them dreadfully?


Well, since I have a reputation as a, ahem, not very emotional, mostly crabby person to protect, I say it with cake (mini cupcakes, naturally). And they know me well, so I think they will understand what I mean when I leave these in the pantry with a note that says "Eat eat eat! Thanks for everything. P.S. Please leave the boxes, I need them."

Strawberry lemon on the left, good old Guinness on the right

Dear coworkers--seriously, thanks for everything. You've dealt with my meltdowns, my moods, my silly moments (okay, I know sometimes I have laughing fits and can't stop! It's because you're all really funny!), my obsession with that falafel sandwich place (I'm sorry I made you eat there 3 times in one week), my insistence on showing you the Maru and Meat and Cheese videos 800 times, my attempts at organizing bowling/karaoke/bar night/dinner, my papercrafting, my bitching, moaning and complaining. You are all saints. Please keep in touch. Best wishes to each and everyone of you. Thanks for coming out last night to celebrate with me. Because you are my friends, I know you won't use any of my drunken babblings against me ;)

The monkeys! They keep following me!!

(And after I clean out my desk I'm off to Vancouver for two weeks where I will decompress, take a lot of photos, eat a lot of seafood, and maybe even write a blog post or two. And then I'll say hello to my new job.)


Megg said...

Congrats on your new job! I cannot imagine you being all that crabby but then again.. I myself am a helluva lot cuter in my food than I am in real life. Haha...

Have a great trip! Can't wait to hear of all your adventures!


P.S. Love that monkey pic!

tofugirl said...

Thanks Megg! Oh believe me--I get super crabby at work (and, okay, I have to admit, outside of work too)! It just doesn't show in the blog since this makes me happy, hehe.

Cocktail monkeys are the best...I have a giant collection of them now :)

It looks like this hurricane is not going to affect my flight so I am super excited! Have a great long weekend!

babykins said...

Oh at first I got nervous what happened to you, but am relieved. :) I've had a similar experience quite a long while ago when leaving my last job coz I'd had some very nice CW/friends like you do. I couldn't stop crying the farewell night so I understand how you feel. Anyway congrats on moving to your new life. Though I will be missing you, stay safe and enjoy the trip a lot!!

tofugirl said...

Thanks Izumi :) I'm planning on doing a little blogging while I'm on vacation so I will be around! :D There is sooooo much good food here!

the spoon said...

Have a great time!
Check out the new food trucks in the Van-city while you're here!

bentobird said...

Hi there! Congrats on your new job and this very funny, touching and yummy was delightful.

Have the best time in Vancouver, can't wait to see what you'll find there!

the spoon said...

Going to recomment here...
My bible for the hottest Vancouver eats has to be Scout magazine - which lists all the latest openings and trends in Vancouver. There's a ton of Vancouver bloggers that update daily and feature restaurants all over the city (Follow Me Foodie, Vancouver Slop, I'monlyhereforthefood, Sherman's Food Adventures - to name a few).

My top picks:
Shiro Japanese Restaurant (on Cambie at 15th) - old school classics, tiny-tiny restaurant but top notch sushi (only wild salmon here, folks!).

Quattro on 4th - elegant and classic Italian restaurant if you've got something special to celebrate (also - Il Giardino).

Hapa Izakaya - Robson location - one of the izakaya mainstays, definitely more on the Western-fusion style.

If you want a real izakaya challeng - try to hit up as many of the Guu locations as you can! Also check out "Ramen-ville" at the corner of Robson & Denman (too many to count).

Raincity Grill for the best fish and chips in the West End.

If it's your kind of thing - try out one of the many afternoon teas available. I like Sutton Place for the food, Bacchus for the room, and Secret Garden for traditional favourites.

Ooh - you may make it in time for the Richmond Night Market! DO NOT MISS!!

Have a great time!!!

tofugirl said...

Bentobird, thanks! I am having a great time :)

The Spoon, thanks for the tips! Hopefully we'll be able to check out a few of these...I actually walked by one of the Guu locations and it looked pretty great so will have to go back. The night market seems to have ended last weekend :\