Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, I'm not big on celebrating Valentine's Day, but who am I to pass up an excuse to bake something? I'll be bringing these linzer cookies (made with almonds instead of hazelnuts) to work (without the orange heart). Hope my new coworkers like them!


Happy Valentine's Day, if you're celebrating it! And if you're not, here is something we can really celebrate--did you know that on Feb. 14th, 1946 ENIAC was unveiled? :)


Mrs M said...

Cute biscuits! I bought some linzer cookie cutters that haven't been used yet, you've inspired me to get mine out!

Bentobird said...

Just so impressed with the beauty and perfection of these cookies--really jewel-like! Sigh...

tofugirl said...

Glad I could inspire, Mrs M! I love linzer cutters, except I keep losing the center pieces of mine :)

Thanks Jenn! I love the way they look too--it's why I always use strawberry or raspberry jams, because although I love apricot, the red looks so much nicer, hehe.