Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A quickie post

Mack the Knife

No time to post lately! Work busy (boo)! Pyota visiting (yay!) But here are some pictures of what we've been eating (and drinking)....(starting with this drink from Angel Share.)


Duck appetizer from Robataya. They have a ridiculously good value tasting menu, but you should be really really hungry before you order it. I'll have to try to recreate their gyu daikon.


Sashimi, also from Robataya. Both photos (and the one on top) taken with Py's new camera.


We went for an afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel--it's definitely not as good as the tea at the Peninsula in Hong Kong, but still pretty good. Quieter, too (but no string quartet playing Kiss covers!)


Py had an incident with his scone, but mine was good :)


Mm, tiny pastries.


Maybe I should just have a tea set-up like this at home....

Well, that's all for now! I think after this week things will be calmer at work, and I'll probably sleep for about 2 days straight. And I'm really excited about our dinner plans tomorrow, because it's my birthday :)


Bentobird said...
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Bentobird said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May the new year bring good luck, joy and lots of great food, Carol :)!

My kind of post, full of drool-worthy treats, loving the mini pastries and really everything else...time for an afternoon snack, methinks!