Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis the day after Thanksgiving

Plate #1

and obviously I am having a hard time coming up with blog post titles ;) Actually it's not even accurate anymore--it's now several days after Thanksgiving. Oh well, punctuality has never been my strong point, but we did have a lovely, low key Thanksgiving at home.


There was very little planning ahead this year, aside from actually buying and defrosting the turkey (which Pops did). We went with frying like we've done for a couple of years now, except this time we really had no other option because the oven at home is out of commission! Yes, this photo was taken in the garage. Yes, that is a terrible idea and you should do your turkey frying out of doors. Don't get me started. Here's a picture of the frymaster at work in a previous year; you will note that he is still using the same Doraemon glove.


While the brother was diligently watching over the frypot (and while the dad was diligently watching football), I put together the rest of the meal. We went very, very basic this year with mashed potatoes, sauteed asparagus, cranberry sauce (made with lots of orange zest and orange juice), and homemade sausage stuffing. The asparagus was actually supposed to be brussels sprouts, but I went to two different supermarkets and the Korean grocery and there was not a single sprout to be found. Oh well, we like asparagus too! We're easy going like that. And I was pretty happy with the stuffing, although it's never as good when it's not cooked inside the turkey (can't do that when you deep-fry though). Oh nuts, I should have tried deep-frying stuffing balls!

What's missing...

It didn't actually take us that long to put everything together, but still, I was starving by the time the food was ready. Here's my first plate, minus the turkey, and let me tell you, I spent some time staring forlornly at my plate while my brother took his sweet time carving, and while my dad was off making use of the deep-fryer:

Prawn crackers

Yech! Prawn crackers! Taste and look like styrofoam! I had had these grand plans of deep-frying everything under the sun, but in the end I was too lazy. Which is just as well!


Here's the beautiful turkey (sorry, vegetarians!). The best part about fried turkey is that the skin is crispy and deeeeeelicious.

More Crust Apple Pie

Afterwards, there was pie (yes, this is that less-filling-more-crust pie; this is the 4th one I've made in the last couple of weeks, I think?)--no pumpkin this year, but I missed it, and I think I might make myself a mini one....and I don't know if it was all the sugar and food that went straight to my head, but I was suddenly inspired to play with my food.


Hello Snowman!


You seem to have lost your head! Eek! (I thought this was really funny; my family thought I was nuts. What do you think?)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Me, I am thankful for a lot (family, friends, you wonderful bloggers, quiet neighbors), but especially for getting to see

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