Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hong Kong-The Wandering and Non-Breakfast Edition

Photo by Py

I think I ranted about jet lag on the way home for a while in the previous post about Hong Kong--well, we were hit with some jet lag for the first few days after we had arrived in Hong Kong too! This led to some very early mornings (plus an epic mid-afternoon nap), which actually turned out to be a bit of a boon, because it gave us plenty of time to eat all of those breakfasts. And also, to go on walks that were free of giant tourist crowds. See? You would never get a picture of the Bruce Lee statue without a ton of other people's heads in it, except at 7 a.m. on a weekday.

Weekend crowd

This is what it normally looks like! We took a couple of walks along the promenade since our hotel was right near it. The views were pretty nice at night, when all the buildings were lit up.

The Fog

Not that we got to see much of that! Most of the time, it looked like this. Check out that fog, eh? Fog was kind of a theme on this trip.


Even this sign agrees!

Rain shelter

And look at this rain shelter--who needs a rain shelter? We needed a fog shelter. By the way, these two photos were taken out in Sai Kung, which is SO not like Hong Kong at all, that I can hardly believe it's still part of HK. I mean, there's jungle, for pete's sake! Anyway, I'll talk about Sai Kung a bit more in the next post.


Also near our hotel, we found these lanterns that were set up for Chinese New Year. Neat, huh? So, you might be wondering what we did besides eat macaroni soup for breakfast, wander around in the fog, and take pictures of funny signs. Well, the answer can be given in two words: shopping, eating. Holy smokes. I think pretty much every day, we went shopping. Note that this does not mean I bought something every day--actually there was a whole lot of browsing on my part. (But I didn't come away empty handed either!)

House of Small Potato

And shopping is very hungry making-sadly, we did not eat the House of Small Potato, but god do I love the name of this place.

Roasted Triples

Instead, we hit up places like Tai Hing, which specializes in HK style roasted meat. This was delicious. It was also Py's--I very dumbly ordered a toasted bun. I mean, it was a tasty toasted bun, but what the hell was I thinking? Fortunately, he shared.

Ling cha

My iced lemon tea was awesome, though. And we went to another branch of Tai Hing on another day, where I got my own plate of deliciousness. And also tried a red bean fleecy, which, hm was interesting...


On another night, we had an amazing dinner at Wooloomooloo, a steak house on the 21st floor of a mall near our hotel (malls in HK are different from the malls I'm used to back home--for one thing, they tend to have GREAT food!). The view would have been amazing had the night been clear, but the food was fabulous anyway. We started off with oysters and carpaccio, and finished with awesome steaks. Sorry for the not-awesome-photo--I wasn't keen on hauling my SLR around too much (which was true for most days, hence all the subpar phone photos. I regret it now, though!)

Drunky peanut

And when we weren't stuffing our faces, we were snacking on drunk peanuts!

@ Ned Kelly's Last Stand

That's probably what I looked like after I finished my enormous Hoegaarden.

Mango slush

Okay, well this is getting RIDICULOUSLY long, so I will just finish up with a bad picture of a delicious mango-tapioca-coconut slushy drink I got from Hui Lau Shan, a dessert chain with lots of locations all over HK. Mmm, mango drink. Stay tuned for our further adventures in HK!

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