Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Bunny buns

Happy Easter, to those of you celebrating! I noticed that in the last few days, this post on the bunny cookies I made for CNY was getting hits like crazy. I guess lots of people were looking for cookie ideas for Easter! Hey--if you are one of the people that pinned it on Pinterest or bookmarked it or found it on Google or Reddit--let me know, send me a picture of your cookies, please :) Anyway, I didn't get around to making cookies for Easter, but I did try to recreate their shape in bread rolls instead. Kinda cute, right? (I photoshopped the eyes in, as I was too lazy to melt chocolate for drawing them on in reality. Plus I really wanted to eat them right away.)

Anyhow, it's a short post kinda day--I've got some more coming this week, including a post about the bread that was turned into these bunny rolls. Keep an eye out, because that bread is so good I've made it twice in two weeks, and I suspect I will be making it again VERY SOON.


babykins said...

Wow super adorable! So glad I can see your contribution to Easter this year too! Are they made with French bread dough? Look so good!!

Token said...

sooo cute!!! :D Happy Easer to you! ^^

tofugirl said...

Thanks Izumi! :D They are actually made with that Hokkaido milk bread dough, hehe. Really yummy :)

Hi Token--thanks, I'm glad you liked them! Happy Easter to you as well :)

Flatfooted Foodies said...


I made those bunny cookies for Easter, and gave them as a party favor. I have posted it on my blog. Do stop by.

Thanks for the wonderful idea. The only thing I changed was to add bunny tails to them :)