Friday, June 8, 2012

Cool Stuff: The Office Edition


Okay. I know, I complain a lot about working in Jersey City. It's just that, I hate taking the PATH! I really resent the fact that I have to take the subway AND the PATH. Plus, there's that whole being taxed in two states thing. And the lack of good or even edible food by my office. But, sometimes we get to see some neat stuff; for example, I've been watching the progress on the new World Trade Center.

And back in April, we got to watch the retired space shuttle Enterprise fly-by, piggybacked on a jet.

 It actually flew over our building twice, so you also get a shot of it flying away.

Tall ship

And a few weeks later, we were treated to a parade of ships coming in for Fleet Week. Like this tallship...

blue angels

And then the Blue Angels flew by (and that's a Navy ship below).


Check out the crazy trails of smoke they left behind!

Enterprise shuttle, floating home

And most recently, we got to see the Enterprise again, this time at a significantly slower pace as it was transported by barge to its final resting place at the Intrepid Museum. It looks a lot smaller to me on the barge than it did on the back of a jet!

So, I guess I can't say we never see anything cool from JC. But I'm still sticking to my guns about the lack of good food near my office! Happy Friday, and I hope you all have fabulous weekends.

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