Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mmmmmm, chocolate


To continue in the birthday theme, my cube-mate (as in, sitting in the next cube from me, not sharing the same one--it's not THAT dire at work yet!) was kind enough to bring me these two interesting looking chocolate bars. The one on the left is from Seeds of Change; it's a dark chocolate bar with cashews, coconut, and mango in it. The other bar is another dark chocolate bar (71%! My coworker knows what I like :)) by Malagasy, which seems to be a British company. I haven't had a chance to try this one yet, but I'm sure it'll be amazing.


I broke open the Seeds of Change bar first, because I was intrigued by the idea of chocolate and mango. It's a good, strong chocolate with nice texture from the coconut and nuts. The mango is not a very strong flavor, but I think it's probably better that way; there was also some other fruity flavor in the background that I was having trouble identifying, but reading the ingredient label (I am smart, huh?) revealed that it was passionfruit. Delicious! Thanks, S.! Can't wait to try the other one too.


And one more birthday related thing--my coworker sent me these gorgeous roses! They still smell amazing.


Finally, in non-birthday-related news, my Christmas cactus clipping started blooming despite its home in a paper cup full of water. So, I transplanted it into a proper pot today. There are a total of three (yes, three!) flowerbuds. Pretty! Well, that's that--I'm off to DC tomorrow for the holiday weekend. Yay!


Costuminatrix said...

That Seeds of Change bar sounds really delicious - I'd love to try one sometime. Did you find the add-ins (coconut, nuts) to be more subtle? I like Vosges, but I am a fan of BIG CHUNKS of nut and crunch and fillings in my chocolate, and I find them a bit lacking in that department. Though I do enjoy the Black Pearl wasabi bar.

tofugirl said...

Yeah, these chunks were definitely not very chunky--I mean, the coconut added texture, and I could taste the nuts but not feel them, if you know what I mean. Still delicious, though!

I think this year I am definitely going to have to go to the Chocolate Show :D