Sunday, May 11, 2008

Matcha Japanese Cheesecake


Okay so it's been a while since I said I was going to experiment with making my own green tea cheesecake, but life has gotten in the way. And by life, I mean mostly work! But I went home this weekend for Mother's Day and decided to kill two birds with one stone--experiment AND have a nice treat for Mom. So as you can see in this photo, we had already sliced into the cake. Whoops!

I used the basic recipe for Japanese Cotton Soft Cheesecake from Lily's Wai Sek Hong, which I've made before with excellent results. This time, I omitted the lemon juice and zest and added about a tablespoon of matcha powder and a dash of vanilla. I probably should have added more matcha powder as the color came out very pale. The taste was not strong enough either, but I can't complain about the texture!


See how light and airy it is? The color is actually somewhat greener than it looks in the photo but anyhow. I loooove Japanese style cheesecake because the texture is so much lighter than NY style cheesecake. This is not to say that this is particularly healthy, of course--there are 6 eggs in the cake! But only 1 bar of cream cheese. So, better than Junior's cheesecake, I'm sure. I also had a slight mishap with not wrapping the pan with enough tin foil before putting it in the water bath, so I had a little bit of leakage, which caused a slightly denser bottom, but it wasn't a disaster.

So the verdict? Next time, more green tea! And also, I need to be more neat about lining the pan so that my edges don't come out so ugly! Still, it was pretty delicious. No need to go back to Tafu!


Tenebrous Kate said...

Green tea cheesecake--that's practically mad science! I'm going to have to resist the urge to just post "Mmmmmmm" in response to everything you share on here. You're so g'darn creative, my dear.

tofugirl said...

Thanks! It's funny--I never really thought of baking as particularly creative, heh. Now, if I had made bacon cheesecake...that might have been interesting.