Saturday, January 17, 2009


As Dr. Evil says, "It's frikkin' freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth." We are in the middle of a (to my mind) rather severe cold spell; I went to draw the curtains earlier and discovered about an inch of ice on the INSIDE of our windows (well, I guess that proves that we have no insulation to speak of). Brrr. Two hoodies and a blanket on, and I still feel cold.

Anyway, since I haven't exactly had any motivation to go outside I've been doing quite a bit of cooking--attempted to make claypot rice last night but I added too much liquid and so it was more like claypot....mush. Today I made a bunch of scallion pancakes with the intention of freezing them but a certain someone has eaten most of them (okay, okay, I helped too).

Just now, I stirred together my first attempt at the famed No-Knead Bread; we'll see how it's looking tomorrow. Just have to remember to put it somewhere anywhere that's far away from our windows!

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