Friday, July 17, 2009

Yup, it's summer

First corn of the season

Well, summer is definitely here, if the awful humidity today is any indication. I'm not crazy about hot weather and mugginess makes it that much worse, especially on the subway platforms! So you sweat through the commute and then freeze in the office. Fun times!

Anyway, it's not all complaints. For one thing, all the local summer fruits are starting to appear in the markets. And for another, we got 6 ears of delicious, juicy, fresh corn in this week's CSA pickup and I ate one for dinner tonight, simply boiled quickly with a little salt/pepper/butter. So good. I went through a phase where I refused to eat corn on the cob (which I blame on Children of the Corn) and I'm making up for lost time now. There are 5 more ears waiting and I'll do my best to restrain myself from eating all of them and not sharing....

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