Friday, November 20, 2009

Another CSA Post


Boy, this has been the week from hell--I can't even believe I finally made it to Friday. Yesterday was the third to last CSA pickup of the season and it was one of the heaviest! I should have brought stronger bags--every available bag I had was crammed with potatoes, sweet potatoes (so good), cauliflower, celeriac (I've never even seen celeriac before!), onions, butternut squash (yay!), and a giant bag of these carrots. Look at how crazy this one is!


Siamese carrot! I have plans for most of the vegetables already (and definitely going to be using some of these for Thanksgiving next week) but I have no idea what to do with the celeriac. I'm guessing Google or the Joy of Cooking will come to the rescue, though.


And speaking of the CSA, a short while ago I came across this very interesting blog,Grapes and Greens, and specifically this post, all about Deborah's experience with the CSA. I was pretty tickled to recognize the site where I also pick up my veggies (although by the time I make it there, it's dark!). I was even MORE tickled to see the recipe for kale and butternut squash gratin that she had posted--I think at that point, I had two or three weeks worth of kale to use up, and this was an easy, delicious way to use up about a week and a half.

Sorry that this is not the greatest photo--I baked it in a really old, banged up dish which is, um, terribly ugly. So you get a closeup of the squash instead! The sweetness of the squash plays off really nicely against the savoriness of the kale and this is a winner in my book. Please visit Grapes and Greens for this recipe (and other ones that look just as good).

Tonight I am going to go watch Kevin Geeks Out About Dummy Deaths with the lovely Tenebrous Kate & Co.--I've been promised mannequins in peril and death dummy themed cupcakes, so, you know, watch this space. Because who doesn't need more cupcakes in their lives? (Oh, right, me.)



Deborah said...

Your gratin looks great! (so glad you liked the recipe)
I am very impressed with your photos. I am finding it challenging to get sharp close-ups on food. the pic with the mouse and the carrot is a winner! Shred the carrots and celeriac to make a salad, add some raisins, parsley and a lemony vinaigrette.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

tofugirl said...

Thanks Deborah! I finally took the plunge and bought a good lens (it takes great portraits too, but...I mostly use it for food :)).

Okay, dumb question time--I would shred the celeriac raw, right? Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!

Deborah said...

yes shred it raw!

Judy said...

Hi - Celeriac is good cut into match sticks and served with ranch dressing. A whole tray of carrots radishes etc serves as an excellent appetizer.

tofugirl said...

Hi Judy! Raw seems to be the way to go with this celeriac thingy...

Although who am I kidding--I plan on gorging myself on stuffing anyway :D My dad'll have to eat all the veggies, heehee.