Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Bonus in My CSA Pickup

CSA Bonus

Last week's CSA pickup included this fine cauliflower--sadly, not one of my favorite vegetables. In fact, I generally tend to refer to it as the devil's vegetable. It's just so...WRONG. It looks like a broccoli! But it's not green! What the heck!

Anyway, so I consigned it to the fridge for a while and on Sunday, I finally decided to roast it...and I noticed that I had a little extra hitchhiker.


Obviously this little guy is a cauliflower afficionado. It seemed a bit sluggish (after all, it had been in the fridge for a week!) but it was still very slowly marching along. I took it outside (with a cauliflower leaf).

And the cauliflower? I have to admit--it's actually not bad, roasted. Apparently there is nothing roasting can't improve. (No photo because it's not that interesting to look at!)


lady_mishegas said...

Oh, I love cauliflower! It's delicious roasted, and I also like to make curried cauliflower, potatoes and peas. Mmmmmm.... I know what I want to make for dinner now!

tofugirl said...

Jack also mentioned making curry with cauliflower...would you have a recipe to share? I suspect I will be getting another one in tomorrow's vegetable share....

lady_mishegas said...

This is my favorite recipe. I rarely follow it, but I should because it tastes much yummier than any improvisation that I manage!

tofugirl said...

Awesome, thanks! That's what I'm going to be making for dinner tonight!