Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chinese New Year Parade 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger

I wonder if I will ever be caught up with blogging? That is to say, if I will ever be timely with blogging. Anyway, this year's CNY Parade was on February 21 (so I'm not tooooo late!) and as usual, I claimed a spot on Mott St.--this year, I was smart and showed up slightly later and stood on the correct side of the street, because I knew from my experience last year that by the time the parade started, I would be in the sun. Actually just like last year, it was pretty warm! I had better photos of the lions last year and you can see those in last year's post.

Confetti showers

As you can see, it was a beautiful day, and the confetti poppers were out in full force. I just want you all to know about the insidious nature of that confetti--weeks later, you will still find bits of it everywhere, in your coat pocket, in your shoe, and mysteriously, it will start appearing on clothing that you didn't wear to the parade. And now I will stop babbling and just show you some pictures.


The veterans


One of my favorite photos of the day. You really need to see it in the large size to appreciate the details of the makeup and costumes!


A drum troupe. Red, red, red everywhere!


Hee, check out this adorable cymbal guy.

Dumpling head man

Dumpling man! (Hey, this is nominally food related.)


A troop of lanterns. I don't know, they really made me smile!


Here comes the dragon! My favorite. It's huge, with a giant long tail, which, of course, I did not get a good photo of.


You know what was more terrifying than these giant head masks? The fact that there was a whole pile of giant head masks on the float...a pile of decapitated giant head masks!! Yikes!


If I were in a parade, I would be super excited. This kid, not so much. Cute, though :)


What a ham. Lion dancing is haaaard work!


Black Sesame from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

And what better way to celebrate the end of the parade than a cup of ice cream from the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory? This is black sesame, with zen butter underneath. My two favorite flavors, well worth a frozen finger or two! (One of the things I really like about this place is that they will give you half scoops, so you can try more than one flavor at a time.)

If you are interested in seeing more photos, the full set is on Flickr, here. I can't wait until the next one!

On an unrelated note, I just want to document for posterity that it's 10:05 in the morning on a Sunday and I am almost done with my laundry. A miracle? Truly. And after that, I am headed to Norma's for brunch, woohoo! And after that....maybe I'll write a few more posts. Have a great Sunday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

whyd you call that guy a ham?

tofugirl said...

Because he kept making funny faces through the mouth of the lion :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a crush on him

tofugirl said...

My heart belongs only to the Dumpling Man!