Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Brother the Bread Baker


Hey, did you know that I'm not the only baker in my family? My brother is something of a genius with bread (to me, at least--I am okay but not great at yeast, so I am always super impressed with what he makes. I hope he is as impressed with my pastries, hehe.) and lately he's been experimenting with sourdough, and more importantly, finally taking pictures of the stuff he bakes (I will consider that to be my influence...can it be long before he starts his own blog??) So, anyhow, I thought I'd show off some of his bread here. All of these photos are his.


And here's the sourdough starter--I believe all of the breads on this post are sourdough based (well, maybe not the melon pan, but I'll have to confirm). He gave me some a couple of weeks ago that I used for sourdough pancakes and the rest is languishing in the back of my fridge. I should probably feed it...yeah, I'll go do that, you guys look at the rest of these photos :)


Bad lighting, good breads!


Oh, I lied--this is the one photo I did take. It's a little blurry because man, he works fast with shaping the dough.


Check out the lovely texture on this bread...this is a fig loaf. Actually he made a new loaf of it today, and I TOTALLY FORGOT TO BRING SOME HOME. Because I am an idiot :(


Speaking of texture, how's this for a crackly crust?


Fruit loaf.


I think these maybe are rye?


More nicely textured bread innards.


Melon pan, before baking! (Melon pan, if you've never had it, is a sweet bread baked with a thin layer of cookie dough on top. Popular in Japan (but also in the rest of Asia).


And here's what they look like baked. I had one this morning for breakfast and they are deeeelicious.


One more gratuitous shot, just because I love the way these look. I keep joking with my brother that we need to join forces and open a bakery, if only we could come up with a catchy name. Anyway, maybe I will give him some pointers in lighting when he takes his photos, but what do you think, shouldn't he start his own blog?


Nancy said...

This is making me hungry! Pass the Nutella!

tofugirl said...

You and me both, Nancy! I am really kicking myself for not remembering to bring some of the bread home with me....

Megg said...

Ooh! Such a talented family! I've never had melon pan before... Mmm.. looks so good!

I wish I could think of a good name for your bakery/his blog right now.. Mind is coming up blank. I'm always half-joking that Steve and I should start a restaurant... if I need a pastry chef, I know who to call! ^_^

tofugirl said...

Melon pan is yummy!! But I think I like pineapple buns (which, of course, contain no pineapple, hehe) a little better. I need to convince him to make those next time.

You could start a bento service :D

Kaimono888 said...

The breads and pans look so good! Hmm, did you really forgot to bring the fig loaves home or youactually have eaten all hehe ^0^

tofugirl said...

Hehe, I really forgot to bring the fig bread home :D I only ate a little bit there!!

Michiru said...

I'm from Japan, and I LOVE home baked Melon Pan! I make some good ones, but what you photographed here of your brother's, I've never seen Melon Pan THAT BEAUTIFUL. Oh, yummmm. I'm writing as I wait for my peach pie to come out of the oven. I'm going to have to make some Melon Pan tomorrow.

tofugirl said...

Hi Michiru, thanks for visiting! I don't suppose you would share your melon pan recipe? My brother's were yummy, but not quite perfect yet! :D (And mmm, peach pie!!)