Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cookie Test Run

stuffed cookie

I made a mini batch of the cookies I'm planning to bring to the LES Girls Club Cookie Bakeoff as a test run--what do you think? I'm pretty pleased with them! This is a variation on the ever-popular Rolo stuffed cookie, except instead of Rolos, it's stuffed with:

pecans & coconut

Toasted coconut and pecans! And a whole lotta caramel mixed in there too. Now I just have to make 6 dozen of these...:)

Don't forget to buy your tickets here!


Doctor Zephyra said...

hahahaha, it sounds like you're living in an apartment much like mine. I've got one tiny square of counter for prep, and had to have my tiny oven replaced once already (the new one isn't any better btw). At least you're having cooking adventures despite the difficulties, but I look forward to an enormous kitchen someday~sighs wistfully~

bentobird said...

Love this combo of flavors...toasted coconut and pecans, yes indeed!