Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Souvenirs from Taiwan

Flower paper mochi

We are supposed to have another snow storm Friday--geez! We've had snow I think pretty much every week since Christmas. Can spring arrive already? I'm tired of winter fruit!

Okay, enough complaining. My mom just came back from Taiwan and brought back lots of edible things (as usual), and I took pictures of some of the prettier things. Like those gorgeously wrapped sweets above! They're from a company called Awon and the only English on the packaging says "flower paper mochi", which I suppose is pretty accurate.

Cherry mochi

There are two flavors, green tea and cherry. So far I've only tried the cherry, but it is really good! Nice and tart, and surprisingly fresh for packaged mochi. I wish I had taken more than these two with me....(save me some okay?!)

Cheese wrapped marble cake

But my favorite is this cake! It looks like a boring old marble cake, right? But it's very spongey and light and moist all at once (it's somewhere between poundcake and sponge cake in terms of density) AND it's wrapped in a thin layer of flaky cheese pastry. I know, that sounds crazy, but it works. I wish I had taken a photo of the box it came in because it has the cutest cow logo. I am saving and eating this cake very slowly to make it last.

Indigo horse

And finally, this cute horse from China, made out of traditionally dyed cloth. (I'm a Horse, according to the Chinese zodiac.) This will be going on my desk at work! I got some other cool little gifties, like a Hello Kitty pouch and a dress and a bottle opener, but you're just going to have to imagine those :)

Hope all of your weeks are going well!


babykins said...

Such lovely souvenirs from Taiwan! There are those kinds of sweets in Japan as well. I love Taiwan! I've been to there a decade or so ago.

aww can't we see the other souvenirs??

tofugirl said...

I think they are definitely trying to copy the Japanese style...all the packaging is so pretty and elaborate now! Hehe. If I get un-lazy, will take pictures of the other things :)