Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fruit Infusions

Heeeeeeelp!! 2

It just occurred to me that I never really followed up on my previous post about making ichigo-shu (or strawberry liqueur)...well, it has turned out very nicely! The photo above was from when I first started steeping the strawberries, and as you can tell, I was having entirely too much fun with the photo.


That's the strawberry liqueur on the left there--I finally filtered and decanted the liqueur into a bottle for storage, mostly because I need to make some space in the fridge! Don't worry, the strawberries aren't going to waste--they may not look very nice now (hence no photo) but they taste amazing, and I think I may just freeze them for now and combine them with fresh strawberries later this summer to make some boozy jam. Mm, booze jam. Anyway, isn't the color beautiful? It's a nice, warm, orangey red. Of course, it's very strong (and sweet!) so the best way to drink it is over ice with some sparkling water. Or prosecco, if you want to get fancy.

Grape shochu

And here's the new batch I'm making--this time, red grapes. I made it the same way, layering grapes and rock sugar, it's just in a smaller quantity this time (because grapes are freaking expensive right now!). I started this about a week ago, and it's very slowly turning this pretty purple-pink shade. No idea how it's going to taste, and it probably won't be ready for tasting for a few more weeks....


I'll leave you with one more picture! Actually I think I'm going to uh, go do a little taste testing for quality control now...:D


Anonymous said...

The color is beautiful! And it sounds so tasty too.

Plus, I'm just so happy I get to see that angry strawberry photo of my favs!!

tofugirl said...

Hey Megg :) It's really delicious! And, yeah, I love the angry strawberry photo too, hahaha. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

Lulu said...

This is on my "must do" list - the finishes product is beautiful and I bet really awing your guests!

tofugirl said...

Hi Lulu! ahem, I must admit, I have not actually shared this with any guests yet...just drinking it myself :D But yeah, it's a great project, and a good way to test my patience!