Monday, March 28, 2011

world peace cookies


I've been on a baking spree lately (well, it FEELS like a spree!)--it's still pretty cold here in NYC (that one 70 degree day was such a tease) so it's nice to have the extra warmth generated by the oven. Fortunately most of the baking I'm doing is for other people, or else I would soon not be able to fit out of my door....


I'm always looking out for new packaging ideas (you should see my enormous collection of ribbons, thanks to my designer-friend) and I spotted these paper baking pans when I was at Daiso in February. They're meant to be single-use bakers, and they work very well for that purpose, but they're also great to use for packaging, and these cookies happened to fit perfectly. I just wrapped them with parchment and tied it off with some hot pink ribbon--prettier than plastic wrap, but still very simple.

melty choco

But enough about the packaging, let's talk about the cookies! This is from Dorie Greenspan's Baking , and according to the note that accompanies the recipe, they were renamed World Peace Cookies because Dorie's neighbor was convinced that these cookies are all you need to ensure peace. Well, I actually disagree--if there was one cookie left and you and I were both staring at it...well, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure things would end badly.

World Peace Cookies

Fortunately, this time there are plenty to go around. Maybe that's the real secret--always keep a supply of cookies on hand.

If you don't have a copy of Baking (gasp! go get one! you need it!), the recipe can also be found here.


Unknown said...

haha I always love you talking that funny! make me laugh everytime. I also like collecting packaging goods. DAISO has good stuff.
You know cookies bring peace and happiness to our mind any day. I ate up already the virtual cookies from you, thank you Carol! ;)

Laura said...

My my do those look delicious! I may just have to try those on my day off from school! Just a question...what is fleur de sel? And also is there a substitution for sea salt?

tofugirl said...

Izumi, glad I can make you laugh :) I looooove Daiso! Got to go for the first time in February and I feel like I bought one of everything. I wish I had bought two of everything!! I'll send you real cookies :)

Laura, they are soooo good, you must try them! Fleur de sel is this fancy pants hand-gathered salt that is ridiculously expensive. You could probably use regular table salt or kosher salt instead of sea salt (although if kosher, make sure it's finely ground and not the giant coarse crystals!)