Friday, June 24, 2011

Posting and running (CSA Week 2!)

CSA Share Week 2

Here are week 2's spoils! One quart of strawberries, 3 apples (selected by a cute kid), more scapes, more spinach, chard, komatsuna (also labelled bok choy, although it doesn't look like it!), a bunch of mint, a huge bunch of scallions, more lettuce, and woohoo, a giant napa cabbage.

I must post and run--I'm leaving for a trip to Vancouver iiiiin....oh, 45 minutes or so. Hooray! I hope there are still some spot prawns left. In the meantime, I leave you with a portrait of what happens when one finds oneself awash in garlic scapes:



Megg said...

That garlic scape photo is the most kicka$$ thing I've seen in a long while, my friend. Thank you so much for that!

babykins said...

Cute cute!! I'm sure you headed there keeping that way lol. Say hi to your BF hehe.

Laura said...

That "hair piece" looks SO high fashion! I can just imagine it going down the runway! ; ) If it didn't look so crazy out in public, it would actually be kind of cute!

tofugirl said...

Sorry for the delayed responses!

Megg, I was going to make a really fancy one...but then I made the rest of the scapes into pesto :)

Izumi, we had a great time :D We are talking about going to Japan next year! hope it happens :D

Laura, I think it would actually make a great headpiece, but...maybe out of some other material, because it does smell very garlicky hehehe.