Sunday, November 20, 2011

Butternut Squash Lasagna

CSA Week 23-Veggies

Well, I am sad--the CSA season is over! 23 weeks of awesome I actually have to go to the supermarket. That's my last haul above, and I'm talking like I'm totally out but that's a lie. I have SO MANY POTATOES left. Weeks and weeks worth of potatoes! They will probably last me the entire winter.

Butternut squash

Similarly, I have quite a lot of squash! And when I made that butternut squash mac and cheese a few weeks ago, my Flickr friend Hedgiehog very kindly shared her recipe for butternut squash lasagna, which you can get here! Butternut squash lasagna--sounds like a pretty great idea, right? Maybe I'm weird, but I actually kind of like raw butternut squash. It's yummy and munchy. And the most cheerful color!

Butternut squash lasagna

So I realized I don't really have any pans suitable for baking lasagna (except my brownie pan, and that's been sitting on my desk at work for like 2 months--I'm awesome at procrastination). So I made a couple of individual-sized portions in various bakeable dishes. This lasagna has layers of pasta, bechamel sauce (flavored with sage, nutmeg, and parmigiano), ground turkey and onion, and thin slices of the squash. The original recipe called for ground beef, but I had some ground turkey left over from last week so I used that instead, and I think it went very well with the sage. The whole thing was then topped with a bit of mozzarella and into the oven it went!

Ready to eat!

Here it is after baking, just in time for a late Sunday lunch. I think the before-shot is prettier, which is why this one is at the bottom of the post and not at the top! But the important thing is that this was seriously tasty; I've not made or had a lasagna before that had bechamel instead of ricotta so this was new to me and I was very pleasantly surprised! (Although now that I think about it, how could this not be good?) I'm kind of tempted to skip the lasagna sheets next time and just layer squash and bechamel; I bet that would be awesomely tasty too. Fortunately I've plenty of squash left to experiment with....

CSA Week 23-Fruit

P.S. Did I mention I also have plenty of fruit left from the CSA? Anybody want some apples?

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Kaimono888 said...

Your lasagna really looks delicious. I love it to be cheesy so more mozzarella (o^^o) Since you have plenty of fruit left, what about baking frangipane tarts?