Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Last week we had a joint birthday party/baby shower for two of my friends, which, as usual, meant a ton of food, including an overdose of desserts. There was some miscommunication--I had said I was bringing pie, but we ended up with pie, 2 mini cakes, a couple of dozen of mini cupcakes, and some regular cupcakes, not to mention boxes of macarons from my friend's cafe. I've mentioned the macarons from Artichoke Cafe a couple of times before, but check it out, they've got new packaging (and you know I'm a sucker for packaging)! So I couldn't resist taking some more pictures.


They've even got cute little carrying bags now. Yay! Okay, I know, I know--not everyone is as fascinated by packaging as I am. But you can't deny that it's important! And it seems especially true for macarons. After all, look at the huge variety of packaging designs you can get at Laduree (for which some people will happily pay a few dollars extra).


The flavors in this box, from top to bottom: mocha, raspberry, pistachio, chocolate, white chocolate, and rose. I am slightly bummed that this box does not contain red bean, which is my favorite! (And yes--I totally took these macs out to the park to take pictures. I may have gotten a few weird looks.)


My favorite of these flavors is the pistachio, followed by mocha and chocolate. I've tasted a lot of macarons in NYC and my opinion may be slightly biased, but these are some of my favorites. I would say they are a little more "rustic" than Laduree or La Maison du Macaron, but they are also a bit more reasonably priced, and the flavors are delicious. Anyway, don't just take my word for it--stop in and give them a try. Especially if they have red bean available!


And here's a bonus shot of the park on Sunday. The leaves seem to be hanging on a lot longer (actually I feel like they've only just started changing color) this year. It makes for a nice backdrop :)


Artichoke Cafe
240 W. 37th St. (between 7th & 8th Ave.)


Anonymous said...

Haha.. I laughed out loud at your comment about weird looks in the park.. the things we food bloggers have to do for cool shots sometimes. ^_^ Macarons + a name like Artichoke Cafe = perfect for me! I'll definitely have to go there whenever I finally visit NY.

tofugirl said...

Hey Megg! :) Yeah, there were definitely lots of joggers going by giving me funny looks! Haha. Oh well. It would be awesome if you came to NY--I would subject you to Carol's Chinatown Bakery Tour, and maybe a macaron tour too :)