Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spot Dessert Bar: An Exercise in Gluttony

Smoked coconut cheesecake
Smoked coconut cheesecake

I think I have to start this off with a story about my friend B, whose birthday was the cause for this giant sugar glut. B used to sit next to me at work, and I have no doubt I drove him insane for the year or two we sat together, with my constant muttering and cursing. Anyway, one year for his birthday, we decided to mess with his desk--and by mess with his desk, I mean we printed out about 100 pictures of David Hasselhoff and plastered his cubicle with them. Anyway, so I had missed his birthday proper as we were in HK, and we had this conversation when I came back:
Me: So, we should go celebrate your birthday!
B: Yeah, let's go eat dessert.
Me: Just dessert? I mean, we can go to dinner first and then have dessert? Or a drink and then dessert?
Me: Are you sure? Not even a drink?

White Miso Semifreddo
White miso semifreddo

Dessert it was! Our original plan was to go to Chikalicious and then to Spot Dessert Bar for a bit of a dessert crawl, but Chikalicious wasn't open the day we were going. In hindsight, this turned out to be a good thing, because I am sure I would have died from sugar overload had we gone to both places! Spot is on St. Marks Pl, an area of the city that I no longer spend much time in, so at first I was just surprised to see all the changes (glad to see Trash and Vaudeville at least is still hanging on, though). Spot is a cute little place, but man, get there early. We did (while everyone was eating dinner, I bet) so didn't have a problem getting a table, but by the time we left there was a line.

Yuzu Eskimo
Yuzu Eskimo

You can probably tell just from glancing at these photos that we had...a LOT of desserts. There's an "omakase" option on their menu, which apparently is 9 desserts--they have 8 on their menu, so one of the desserts you get two of. We thought with 9 desserts that they would be tasting-size portions, but no! We got 9 full size desserts! Eep! We also foolishly ordered drinks, and before we knew it, the parade of sugary deliciousness started to arrive.

Green Tearamisu

The top photo, the smoked coconut cheesecake was one of my favorites. Above is the green tea tiramisu, which I was quite skeptical about, but turned out to be pretty tasty.

Thai Tea Creme Brulee
This was one of my favorites in terms of presentation! How cute is this? It's a little flask of Thai tea served with the creme brulee. The creme brulee was a little bit of a let down; too eggy.

Another one of my favorites, although this doesn't seem to be on their website. I think it was a pumpkin spice cake of some kind, and my only regret was that at this point, I was way sugared out.

Chocolate Green Tea Lava
Sorry for the crap picture here; my hands were having the sugar shakes! We had two of these (B took the other one home, there was no way we were each eating an entire one.) Check out that green tea lava center! We were told that this is one of their most popular desserts, and I can see why.

And finally, a deconstructed soft cheesecake. Then we walked about 40 blocks, which did precisely nothing to assuage my sugar guilt.

Happy birthday, man! This post is dedicated to you. Next year...I expect a giant party. I'll bring the novelty cake.

Spot Dessert Bar
13 St. Marks Pl (between 2nd and 3rd Ave.)

*This conversation may or may not be a dramatization ;)


Louise said...

One of my favorite dessert places! Have you been to Cha Ahn tea house around the corner? They have great Japanese inspired sweets as well.

tofugirl said...

Hi Louise! I liked Spot a lot, but I know now not to order 9 desserts at once. Haha. I haven't been to Cha An in ages, but thanks for reminding me that I need to go back! I like Kyotofu too...another place i haven't gone in a while.

Cake bakery Brooklyn said...

The desserts look really yummy! Well, except for the green tea tiramisu. Doesn't look edible to me lol...

Wenni Donna said...

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