Saturday, April 4, 2009

Breaktime in DC

Orang utans at the National Zoo

No, I haven't abandoned this blog again; we just got back from spending a few days visiting friends in Washington DC. I love road trips! The last one we took was to South Carolina, so driving to DC seemed like a piece of cake. We stayed at the Normandy Hotel, which was very reasonably priced and kind of swanky (rainfall shower!)--I had only two gripes, one of which is that they have the tiniest garage with the tiniest parking spaces ever. I had to be guided into the spot and it took like 7 tries. My other gripe is that, although the room came with one of those fancy Nespresso Cube coffeemakers, they only provided one coffee pod at a time. Very odd, considering that there were two of us. Anyway, minor gripes.

Turtle Chain
Turtles sunbathing

In going through my photos, it seems like we did nothing but go to the fantastic (and free) National Zoo. Well, I guess that's not entirely inaccurate! But what kind of a food blogger am I that I didn't take a single picture of any of the food we ate? Well, nevermind. I can still TALK about the food, right? Although we were thwarted in our attempts to go get a cupcake at Cakelove, we did have a very nice meal at The Heights (right by the Columbia Heights Metro station) where I discovered one of the Greatest Things Ever--pineapple infused vodka. Guess what I'll be doing in the near future? My other favorite place was Brickskeller, where they claim to stock over 1000 kinds of beer. Their beer list is a bit overwhelming, so I went with my usual dorky instinct and picked a Monty Python Holy Grail Ale ("Tempered over burning witches"!). A pretty ordinary beer, but the label was fun.

In conclusion, here is one more zoo photo, although you can see the rest of the set here. Next time we go, I will endeavor to remember to document the food. Okay, maybe the food the animals are eating...


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