Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden


We had our first really warm day yesterday (79!) and it seemed like everyone was outside taking advantage of the nice day. Well, that makes sense because tomorrow it is supposed to be back down to 40 again. Sigh. Darn it, spring--how about some consistency?!

Anyhow, we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for a little cherry blossom viewing. The official festival weekend isn't until the first weekend in May and the cherries here are definitely not at full bloom, but there were some trees that were really spectacular looking. I was sort of surprised by how long the line to get in was, but we were able to skip all that and go right in, thanks to corporate membership (well, there has to be *some* perk to my job!). Anyway, as usual I neglected to write down the names of the flowers, so just enjoy their prettiness (although if you happen to know what species they are, please drop me a comment!).


It was like a ceiling of flowers. So nice.


I think this is some kind of tulip, but I just liked the pattern--it reminds me of lizard skin.



My favorite, the tulip walk. Only a few sections were blooming, but in a few weeks it'll be one giant mass of tulips of all kinds. Yay!



They also have a nice collection of bonsais; this is my favorite, in the driftwood style. (I only know that because of their very helpful signs.)


A strange looking cactus!

And so this is not a totally food-less post, after we were done sniffing various flowers (and keeping well clear of the cactus spines), we went over to Chinatown to have enormous bowls of pho from my new favorite pho place.

Pho at Pho Grand

I'll write up a proper post on Pho Grand sometime soon (like, when I can get better photos) but their soup is far and away the best I've tried in Chinatown. Plus, the staff there are super if they would only change their music.

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