Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cottage Cheese Pufflets


Have I mentioned that I love Dorie Greenspan? Oh, I have? And so has everyone else in the world? Oh well, one more time won't hurt. My latest project from her fabulous Baking book is the Cottage Cheese Pufflets. From googling I found that some people had had issues with the dough being too soft, but I found it to be fairly easy to handle once it had been chilled. (You can also find the recipe online so I won't reproduce it here; besides, you NEED a copy of this book.)


The dough is super quick to whip up in a food processor; then it's off to the fridge for a couple of hours (during which time you can eat the leftover cottage cheese and remind yourself that cottage cheese is actually kind of tasty). Shaping is also easy, and if you find assembly line work soothing like I do, pretty relaxing! I used 2" round cutters which gave me pufflets that were exactly one bite large and filled them with raspberry jam.


Moisten the edges, fold over, and seal! I'm only showing you this picture to prove that I did in fact actually seal my pufflets, because after baking....


...this is what I got. I don't know why I didn't expect it (they are called PUFFlets, right?) but I really didn't think they would puff up this much! It's almost like puff pastry (which gives me all kinds of ideas for using this dough).


These are best eaten the day they are made, but that should be no problem because they are totally addictive. And since this one looks like a better eat it before it eats you!


digigirl said...

Those look delish! I was just looking through that book this weekend and I didn't see those. Gonna have to look again. They're adorable!

tofugirl said...

Hi digigirl, thanks! They are seriously addictive. I don't think there is a photo of them in the book which is why I previously overlooked this recipe too!