Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

Arrr num num

So did you make any resolutions? I usually don't bother, but this year I have four:

1. Less procrastination
2. More bento
3. Less complaining
4. More exercise

Lofty goals, to be sure! If I achieve 2 of these, I'll consider myself successful (and then next year my resolution will be, as they say at work, underpromise and overdeliver). Ahem! I just also want to point out that I did not procrastinate this post, I just haven't had time because I'm too busy overpromising at work. :)

Anyhow, you're probably wondering about my hungry little dino friend and what it is he's eyeing so beadily. It's not very pretty, I admit, and I had second thoughts about posting these photos, but you know what, things don't always turn out perfectly, and that's cool. The important thing is, it's delicious! And if you want to see what a proper galette des rois looks like, then you should go check out the photos and recipe at Chocolate and Zucchini. I hesitate to actually bestow the name "galette des rois" on mine!


These galettes, also known as king cakes, are eaten in France to celebrate Epiphany. But there's no prohibition on everyone else enjoying them too, and if you've got frozen puff pastry and ground almonds handy, you can knock this together in very little time. Oh, also, since I was just making it for me, I made a mini version and didn't bother with the little token inside (traditionally it's served as a large cake and whoever gets the bead, bean, or whatever inside is the king or queen). Well, mine may be on the ugly side, but that almond cream certainly is delicious. I've got about a cup left and I have plans for it which will hopefully result in something more photogenic.


By the way, this is Cedric, my dino friend. He's Canadian.

Margaret! Flowers!

And, guess what! I was watering my remaining plants and discovered that Margaret had put out new flowers! And one of them is even forming a strawberry. Apparently Margaret does not care about seasons. I'm very pleased that she's still alive because I managed to kill many plants in 2011.

First Meal of 2012

And finally, our first meal of 2012. I spent NYE in Vancouver and Py whipped this up the next day (I think we slept through breakfast). Sort-of-cioppino (but really fish soup). Delicious, and a nice, relatively healthy start to the year.

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