Friday, November 11, 2011

It's 11-11-11


Happy 11-11-11! And of course I had to say it with food again--don't you remember 10-10-10?


(These are from the 2nd to last week of my CSA which ends next week. I am sad. But I have carrots, parsnips, potatoes, and onions to last probably into next CSA season. Especially carrots. If you have great ideas for using up carrots, I want to hear from you because I am really tired of eating carrots in stir fry.)


fiona said...

i love carrots! my favourite is just eating them raw when they're ice cold and crunchy, sometimes dipping them in houmous. i like grating them and putting them on a sandwich with houmous too.

hot, they're best roasted with parsnips, onions, potatoes and garlic, with loads of course black pepper, mmmmmm :) and atad golden syrup when they're roasting.

Anonymous said...

Carrot cake!!!

tofugirl said...

Hey, thanks for the suggestion Fiona! I had a grated carrot/hummus sandwich for lunch today :) Great idea!

Kayleen, got a good recipe? Vegan or otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Sure do! I've made this recipe successfully multiple times, and it's easy enough to use the eggs or the egg replacer in it. I like to fill it with plenty of walnuts and raisins and cinnamon, but I like my carrot cakes bursting with lots of stuff :)

The batter will be pretty stiff, but don't be tempted to add more liquid or you'll get a mushy cake.


tofugirl said...

Awesome, thanks! :D Maybe we'll have carrot cake instead of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving :)