Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hong Kong Post 4: Lamma Island


Alright! Time to resume HK trip posting. This one is about a little hike we did on Lamma Island, which is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Hong Kong. For one thing, there are no malls. No skyscrapers. No frenzied rushing about (well, maybe the little trucks that seem to careen around.) And it's easy to get to--just hop on a ferry from Central and you can be a world away on Lamma Island in under 30 minutes.


I think this dog is a very accurate representation of the pace of life on Lamma. This is a great choice for a day trip because you can take the ferry to one of the two main villages, and then hike (well, walk really--it's all over paved trail) to the other village, then hop on another ferry and head back to Hong Kong Island. I can't remember which village we started at and which one we ended at, so I'll just give you both names now--Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. that I think about it, I think we started at Sok Kwu Wan.


Unlike the rest of Hong Kong where like, all the public parks had No Dogs Allowed signs, Lamma seems pretty dog friendly--hey look, they even get their own designated toilet spot! Sweet.


This is how most of the walk looked--lush, vibrant, green. And quiet! I felt myself relaxing completely. The trail takes you up through the higher points of the island, and this is the view from almost-the-top:


Pretty nice view, right? I wouldn't mind living here, especially if they let me drive one of the mini trucks around.


Ah, and now FINALLY, my first mention of food from this trip! This is at Yung Shue Wan (which is how I finally figured out that we did in fact start from Sok Kwu Wan) and if you go, I highly recommend that you take the same route that we did because then you get to end your walk with a big, delicious bowl of...

Tofu Hua on Lamma Island

Tofu hua! (Also called tohua or tofa or tofu fa.) It's very, very, very soft fresh tofu that is served with a gingery syrup. It is delicious, especially if you get it cold (we got one bowl hot and one bowl cold, and I definitely preferred the cold.) It's been described as tofu pudding, but it's not pudding--it's straight up tofu. Just very fresh, and silky smooth. This place (Ah Por Tofu Fa, or Grandma's Tofu Fa) seems to be famous, judging from all the articles and stuff hanging around the shop (I use the term shop very loosely, it's outdoors, under a tent). And justifiably so! I couldn't help but notice that literally everyone who came in for a bowl took a photo of theirs too. Finally, a land where I don't feel like an alien for photographing my food ;).

Afternoon sun

Bonus? This beautiful orange cat that lives at the tofu shop. Yes, everyone was trying to grab a photo of the cat, too. Well, all the girls anyway. After we licked our bowls clean, we hopped back on the ferry and headed off to dinner with a friend at a daipaidong. But that is for another post (the one where I round up the food we ate!)

Okay, that's part 4. Next installment, Macau, same bat time, same bat channel! I'm going to my first hot yoga class ever tonight, so hopefully I survive to post another day.

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