Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Birthday Season


Whew, what a busy weekend! Go go go up until today, when I just ran out of steam. I did spend a couple of hours wrapping dumplings. But, that's not the subject of today's post! Today, we talk about birthday cupcakes! I don't know why, but I feel like there are sooooo many birthdays to celebrate in May (including mine!). Seriously, there are at least 3 of my friends who have birthdays this week, and the rest of the month is pretty much like that too. Better exercise more to make up for the birthday dinners I'll be eating.

Birthday cupcakes

First up is L! It's a big birthday for her this year, and although I'm sad I missed her surprise party, at least I could send cupcakes along. (And, for your information, Mr. Party Planner, yellow cake + chocolate frosting does NOT equal chocolate cake! But, I'll forgive you since you also don't know what a grapefruit is ;).) I hear they went over well, which makes me happy; I was really worried that the buttercream would melt in transit (Saturday being the first really hot day we've had this year.) I had one leftover (that wouldn't fit in the cakebox) that I ate for breakfast this morning--yum, love this chocolate frosting. The cake is a yellow buttermilk cake from the Joy of Cooking, and the frosting is a simple chocolate buttercream from King Arthur. Not too sweet, very chocolatey. Yummy.

sugar flowers

I'm not much of a decorator, but I can manage to pipe frosting neatly (most of the time). And hey, what is more cheerful than nonpareils? Or sugar flower sprinkles? Simple, but cute, right? And a variation from my usual sugar star sprinkles. (I can't find my jar of sugar stars! Where did it goooooo?)

Anyhow, happy birthday to L and all the other May babies in advance!


zoomyummy said...

What cute cupcakes! Yum!And what a nice reading. I like your blog. :)


Trisha said...

Oh gooodness gracious!!! Those are maaaaaad piping skills and the cupcakes are gorgeous!!!

Bentobird said...

Beautiful cupcakes with a serene, elegant (and so yummy) look! We had a summery weekend, too :)

tofugirl said...

Petra, thank you! That makes me happy :D

Trisha, thanks :D I think that is literally the only decent piping job I can do--don't ask me to do shells or anything else, haha.

Bentobird I like warm weather, but man do I hate humidity! It's been pretty damp the last day or two. Thank goodness for deli iced coffees :D (And thank you, you are too sweet!)

Bentobird said...

Iced coffees--yessss! So hard not to be addicted :)