Saturday, May 22, 2010

Urban Gardening

ginger bud

I bought this ginger at the end of April and to my surprise, it started sprouting a bud. This photo was taken May 2nd.


Well, look at this crazy thing now! (The rightmost sprout is the one that was in the top photo.) I don't know if I should try buring it in some soil to see what happens, or just keep it in some water, or what. But it's not the only thing growing around here...


Ha, ha! Obviously, the title of this post is a joke. I found a sweet potato that was left from our CSA (so it's been hanging around since last November!) that apparently got tired of waiting to be roasted, and decided to start the cycle of life. I'm going to bring this guy home and give it to my dad to plant in the backyard. Congratulations, sweet potato, you have definitely avoided the horrible fate of being eaten.


Megg said...

This is pretty cool! (Great photos, too.. of course!) Sadly, when I find a rogue piece of produce that had been forgotten, it's usually growing in a less-desirable way..

tofugirl said...

Oh trust me, I know that feeling too--I've unearthed some things in my fridge that have practically become sentient beings, haha. But even worse than that are those veggies that liquefy when you pick them up, arrrgh.

Lisa X said...

how did you get your sweet potato to sprout? I've been trying to sprout mine every year and it never works--always gets moldy or spoils before a decent sprout appears.

tofugirl said...

xhool, I have NO idea! I had completely forgotten that I even had that sweet potato, so it's been sitting in a paper bag in a corner of my kitchen for the last 6 months or so. This website has tips for sprouting them, but mine just kind of sprouted on its own.