Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hong Kong Post 5: Macau


Oops, I got derailed from posting about this, but damnit, I am determined to finish this series!! I'm guessing there is not a single person who's gone to Macau who has not taken a photo of this scene. These are the ruins of St. Paul's, and I have to say, it's quite a scene. All that's left is this front (don't worry, it's supported with framework behind it) and the crypts at the back.


By the way, this is the reverse view, looking down into the street that leads up to the ruins. It is quite the tourist hotspot, and this was during the off season! The street leading up here is filled with shops selling souvenirs, particularly the edible kind; can someone tell me why there are so many outlets selling jerky here??


From St. Paul's, it's a short walk to Monte Fort. This is the view from the walkways around it.


A gorgeous water lily...

Grand Lisboa

And in the other direction, the inescapable casinos. (Actually, we did end up at the Lisboa, and spent an inordinate amount of time playing the slot machines. Hey, we're both card carrying members now!) The best thing about Macau, in my opinion, is the architecture! (Er, well, okay, maybe the architecture is second to the Portugese egg tarts, but SOMEHOW, I failed to take a picture!!!!!! Well, rest assured, it was delicious.) So, here are some photos:






Aaaaand, here you go, a night shot of the Lisboa. I can't remember if we came out ahead or not against the slot machines. But I did notice there were noooo clocks anywhere in the casino; obviously they want you to lose track of how much time you're spending with the one-armed mistress! And I failed to get any photos, but we had a really nice dinner at a restaurant called Solmar (actually Googling shows it to be a fairly well known restaurant). Of course, since I have failed to write these things down in a timely manner, I can't remember what we ate, except for African chicken, which was delicious. Oh god, I'm such a bad food blogger! But, never fear--my next post will have pretty much nothing BUT food. And then after that, one more post on Taiwan, and I think I will be caught up. :)

Happy Wednesday! We're on the countdown to the weekend again, woohoo!

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Bentobird said...

These images are just wonderful, full of contrast, vitality, and your unique point of view. The waterlily was a particular delight!Excellent post.

tofugirl said...

Thanks :) I was actually really surprised by how green and lovely Hong Kong was--there were flowers everywhere, but the water lily was one of my favorites!