Monday, June 28, 2010

Urban Gardening, Take 2


Remember this post about my sprouting ginger and sprouting sweet potatoes? Haha, well since then, my "urban gardening" has advanced a level or two, thanks to A Taste of Koko. About a month ago, she held a contest on her blog to win a Chia Herb Garden set, and color me shocked, I won! I never win anything! Thanks, Jane!!

Picnik collage

The kit comes with 6 different seed packets, 3 little pots, and 3 planting "pods." I went with cilantro, parsley, and basil for my first attempt. This photo above is a shot of the basil, two days after I planted them. TWO DAYS, PEOPLE. And you know how crazy-fast this stuff started to grow? The left hand photo was taken at 7 a.m. The right hand photo was taken at 7 p.m. THE SAME DAY. I'm a little worried that I'm going to come back to find my apartment taken over by basil...


And here's the basil today, 7 days after planting. It seems to have slowed down a little :)


The cilantro and parsley are both taking a bit longer, but this morning I found that one of the cilantro seeds is an overachiever.


And here's the parsley, which is starting to get going too. I can't wait until they're big enough to harvest! Oh, and the ginger from my previous post? Well, I've been trying to grow that too.


It seems to be growing horns...which either means this is some Eeeeeevil ginger, or that it's a supporter of Spain. I think I'd prefer the Eeeeevil ginger. ;)

P.S. It is too freaking hot to turn the oven (or stove!) on. I've been doing most of my cooking in the rice cooker, so baking posts will probably be a little light until it cools down some. I guess I'm just going to have to do some more eating out, or else I won't have anything to post at all!


zwischengang - intermediate course said...

recently i planted some cherry tomatoes, thyme and rosmary on my urban balcony. actually it is really exciting to see plants growing. I love your ciltrano picture.

bentobird said...

Really beautiful pictures, love this! And eventually you'll have beautiful, home-grown herbs for bento, yay!

tofugirl said...

zwischengang, thanks! I love watching these things grow, I just wish I had more space, so I could grow some veggies and fruit :D Maybe someday...

Bentobird, I am super excited to make pesto from my own basil! I think it'll take a few more weeks though, hehe.

babykins said...

I want see your room taken over by these herbs, lol!
Well I'll cheer for Spain with the evil ginger hehe.

tofugirl said...

babykins, their growth seems to have slowed down a maybe I won't be attacked by mutant basil :) Spain and Germany semi-final on Wednesday! I am very excited--it'll be like a rematch of the Euro cup :D

zwischengang - intermediate course said...

@ tofugirl: you are so right. to plant some fruits would be the biggest thing... please keep me up to date of your balcony plants.

Megg said...

I love the cilantro seed.. "so long, suckas!!"

tofugirl said...

@zwischengang, will do :D I can't wait until I can cook with fresh herbs, woohoo!

@Megg, it does kind of look like it's trying to escape, right? Hehe.

Jane Ko said...

That's so exciting! :)